Hawthorne Youth and Community Center - Boston College

Hawthorne Youth and Community Center - Boston College:

Job Opportunity for Youth

Youth interested in
gardening, cooking, nutrition, and building community can apply to participate
in Grow It.Cook It.Share It.
This job
training/employment program offers teens opportunities to learn new skills,
explore career options, and earn a stipend. High school students can apply to
work from 9 a.m. to 1 pm from July 7-August 1; middle school students can apply
to work from 1-5 pm from August 4-29.
      For applications and information on this Haley House/Hawthorne
Youth and Community Center partnership program contact
hyccroxbury@hotmail.com or 617427.0613.


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Black Visibility

"Black visibility is not Black power."
~Kwame Ture

Na Quirk

"The habit of considering racism as a mental quirk, a psychological flaw, must be abandoned. . . . The racist in a culture with racism is normal.  He has achieved a perfect harmony of economic relations and idealogy.
~Fanon, "Racism et culture".

Deep Rootz.

When the Root is Deep
There is no Reason to
Fear the Wind
~Afrikan Proverb

Essential Change Was Heralded

"Nor should we kill Madiba," said Botsotso.
"You're twisting my words again!" I said. "What I said was that if he's released from prison he'll use his biblical stature to sanctify an accommodationist stance through which cosmetic changes would be heralded as essential changes-and the revolution would be up shit's creek!  We need his legacy but we don't need him."
~Incognegro, Frank B Wilderson

Michelle On Risk of U.S.

Michelle observes that Obama as a Black man in the US could be killed going to the gas station...they were not raised to let the threat of white violence stop their day to day trod.

In Obama's 2nd Trayvon speech, and remember it did take TWO, he echoed Michelle's line of thought: 'hey...it could have been me'.  Isn't this defeatist.  The Same thing in his Henry Louis Gates speech, (before he bumped his head and called a white cop 'stupid'), he first said 'you know, that could have been me in my house'.

So they mean: 'We run the risk of being niggerized by being here in the US (i.e. where racism-yt supremacy-in it's most lethal form 'lives').  We were not raised to let the fear of that paralyze us.'

How much further though is it to move from not being afraid of it, to actually moving to stop racism-yt supremacy Directly?

It is a long long way.

How Different?

"How different would our education be if we went to school to learn to create jobs for ourselves?"
~Dr. Amos Wilson


A huge part of white supremacy and white culture is about interfering in the affairs of black people.