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"Today is the National Day of Black Consciousness in Brazil; holiday now celebrated in more than 1,000 cities!"

Watchers watched. (vieola anyone?)

"Watchers watched: Boston cops grumpy over GPS trackers on cruisers" One Blaak Love. ReIdren Business Group. 765-734-3736.

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"‘Retract Peace Prize’: Russian NGOs blast Obama over ‘killing people’ confession"

Beast-heart Way IS Killing Our World

No black man defense.  No beast-heart vision.  

Lil' man.*

Beast-heart way,
is killing our world.

*lil' Man basically intended to STOP the cop from practicing Racism White Supremacy in a different way than his his sister.  His sister tried to reason, he wanted to terminate beast-heart's action.  His sister wanted to reason.  He was beyond reason.  
Full video.

"54 year old homeowner"

"gradientlair: There is no argument that can be made to justify..."

..dis fruitaa 2013 apartheid beast-heart amerikkka.

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"There is no argument that can be made to justify the killing of Renisha McBride as Whites ride under the protection of the obliviousness created by White privilege and a justice system that exists to uphold White supremacy, not fairness and certainly not justice.

I have been accosted by drunk White men and recently had my privacy invaded at home by a random White woman, which I wrote about here: Unlike Renisha McBride, A White Woman Came To My Door (Not Even For Help) And Lived Another Day. I did not murder any of them. Whites have spit on my life since childhood and I have not taken a life and most certainly not for someone knocking on my door. Yet Whites I’ve seen who seem to cheer her death have the audacity to attempt righteous indignation about her toxicology report released to the media for mass use even as “54 year old homeowner” has replaced this man’s name? Whites are really trying to have righteous indignation regarding alcohol? Do they know what they are like when drunk? Do they know the chaos they cause? Do they know the hell of dealing with them in a corporate workspace,college campus, restaurant or neighborhood when drunk? The entitlement and White privilege plus lack of inhibition? The hell that causes people.

A murder victim is being treated as a criminal. Still no charges filed and she’s already been buried. Yet the smear campaign against her continues and the quasi-anonymity for the killer continues. In a White supremacist society, Black victims are treated like criminals and Black criminals are treated like animals.
And since a part of White supremacy includes the toddler-like nature that many Whites approach race with, all of your derailment and excuses are covered here so no need to add them to my post: I don’t care if “all” Whites are not like this; no I am not the “real” racist; no, Black people aren’t racist towards youno, racism isn’t just insults; no, this incident is not isolated; no, this is not about drones or President Obama—mentioned as a way for you to erase what has happened here; no this is not about the White supremacist label “Black on Black” crime that you think Black people are “happy” about, when most crime is intraracial (including “White on White” crime) and Black people who harm Whites pay heavily when Whites who harm Black people do not; and no, this is not about some “generic” issue where “anyone” is capable of doing badly. Race cannot be erased from a history that used our blood as its ink for its story.

I am tired of even having to write a disclaimer on my posts because your White supremacist petulance includes a lack of critical thinking, lack of boundaries, repetition of easily refuted derailment and a lack of self-control. I am…tired. I cannot even have a conversation on something like this—which is so stressful already—without having to address bigots every step of the way. Fuck you for this."

Anyway, some important information/links:
All of my posts on this are tagged under her name: Renisha McBride

Just like...

“The gun “accidentally” went off. The killer is “coincidentally” white. The dead woman is “unfortunately” black. These murders “oddly” keep happening. It’s all an “accident”, a “coincidence”, “unfortunate”, like slavery & Jim Crow & the KKK & the prison industrial complex & racist drug laws & police brutality.”
- Remi Kanazi (via gloomy-black-girl-blogging)

By the time we are 7

"Her writing is everything @nayyirahwaheed" One Blaak Love. ReIdren Business Group. 765-734-3736.