Dead Presidents To Represent Me

A challenge for 'Vote or Die/Lesser Evilists' folks- consider the following:

  1. So many of our grandmothers command(ed) that we vote.  (...often stated, "Vote on behalf of those who died for your right to vote").
  2. We know what Abraham Lincoln's semi-colon ";" in the emancipation proclamation (p. 3 last line) meant, has meant and means, to Black folks in the United States.
  3. We know that every law that has been passed to eliminate or minimize the political power of Black Folks, People of Color and Immigrants has already been written (somewhere in the earlier history of the American colonies and early United States).
  4. 50 million dollars was spent on security at BOTH 2012 conventions EACH.  Tampa $50mn and Charlotte $50mn, on SECURITY ALONE.  What is the condition of black folks in Tampa and Charlotte?
  5. A young brother like Lupe suggests that while his people are lying in the gutter, he will not vote for the lesser presidential evil; he is tired of evil period.  In effect, to him it does not matter if it is a fox or a wolf chewing his leg.  He is going to learn how to heal the canine's bite (on google?) and build tools to protect his people from the next time that the pack comes to attack them.  The 'vote' just happens to not be one of the tools he choose to build.

Challenge: convince Lupe & those that might think like him that he is wrong (post comments below).

Article: this brother.