Our Age of Reason

Our Age of Reason
Of hotel-states
And bee-keepers;
Of Apache helicopters
And hired zoo keepers;
Of vendors
And street sweepers;
Of farmers
And hot cocoa drinkers;
Of Tweets
And myth-weavers;
The scent of jasmine
Yet Mamelukes still linger.
~Kangsen Feka Wakai

Sometimes, Feel Happy.

...probably a language difference, a pro-mis-translation, made this moment (smile).

"The Mad No Money Person"

“The normal people don’t have money.”

(that is her opening….where she starts).

“...the president have a lot of money”

“They just have to work and no money.”
(notice the sentence structure...magnificent order).

“The no money person is mad at the president”

“And The president throw rocks and sticks”

“But the mad no money person [pause] the normal person   is sticking his head with a cushion and protecting their body with a shield.”
(nina has normalized something that makes her CIVIL...a part of civilization; rare in this day and time.  AWO.)

[ What do you think is going to happen? ]

“I don’t know.”

Bob Marley na cud chant down babylon with more efficiency than this chicken (smile). I love d'yuts dem (chilren).  go on Nina.