The Mistake: Open Gods of Afrikan Leaders

"The mistake our ancestors made, and which African leaders continue to make unto this day is that: non- European people, especially Africans and the Indigenous Americans in the Caribbean Islands referred to as 'Indians' initially attributed to the Europeans a humanity and spirituality that they did not have, and still do not have in their relationship with most of non-European people of the world. This brings us to a conclusion that might be difficult for a lot of people to accept. Maybe the world outside of Europe didn't need the Europeans in the first place. Maybe in this fakery about spreading civilization he destroyed more civilizations than he ever built and did the world more harm than good."
~Dr. John Henrik Clarke

See especially minute 1:03 "Sacrifices which have been of no use."  AWO.

Can ANYONE name a single leader of one of Africa's 54 recognized nation states who publicly has given thanks (or even mentioned/recognized) to an Afrikan deity (with an Afrikan name)?  AWO. 

Happy Born Day MLK (King on Jerusalem Slim)

"We have the power to make the church that institution
that even the young people who feel temporarily separated from
and even get them to have a new loyalty
because they'll know that we're on the battle line for them.

And they'll come to see
that jesus christ was not a white man.
...christianity is not just a western religion.
We can make the church recapture it's authentic reign,
we have the power
to change America
and give a kind of new vitality
to the religion of jesus christ."

(don't be and i were meant to die).

King On Ybp

Keep It On The (Download)

& one mo'gin (repost):

haven't left ANYTHING?

“You say, ‘I haven’t left anything in Africa.’ …you left your mind in Africa!”
~Malcolm X

Brave or Stupid or Social?

From Sociological Images blog:
"Yes, it’s a beer commercial, not a documentary, not “reality.”  But the couples are real and unscripted – like the victims in a “Candid Camera” bit (or the subjects in some social psychology experiments).  Real and unscripted too is our reaction as viewers.  I don’t know about you, but after the ad was over, I realized that I had shared something of the couples’ anxiety at being different and hence excluded.  The bikers are neutral, maybe they are even silently hostile, so when they suddenly became accepting, my sense of relief was palpable.  I laughed out loud.

So sociological point one is that we are social animals.  Excluded we feel fear, accepted and included we feel comfort.  Point two is that laughter is social.  Here (and in many other situations) it’s a kind of tension-meter.  The ad had no joke that I was laughing at.  It was just a release from tension.  No tension, no laughter.
The ad also illustrates “definition of the situation.”  The rigged set-up shatters the couples’ standard definition of going to the movies. They are anxious not just because they are different but because they nave no workable definition and therefore no clear sense of what to do.

Finally, the ad raises the issue of stereotypes.  Stereotypes may actually have some general statistical accuracy.  The trouble is that the stereotype converts a statistical tendency to absolute certainty.  We react as though we expect all members of the stereotype to be that way all the time or most of the time.  Is it reasonable when you see 148 bikers to be fearful even to the point of leaving (I think some of the couples didn’t take the available seats)?  You don’t need to have read Hunter S. Thompson  to know there is some truth in the image of bikers as above the mean on violence.  But in a theater where you find them quietly awaiting the movie?

What other sociological ideas does the ad suggest?"
- - - - - -
Did you see that brother lead the sister (his date) in to the row of chairs?  (smile).  That negro is either REALLY brave or REALLY stupid.

Got My Mind Made Up (Uh huh, C'mon).

"The Mr. Meth-Tical from Staten Isle
We'll be back after this message don't touch that dial
Rarely do you see an mc out for justice
Got my guunnnn.. powder and my musket -BLAOW.
..... get swellings, I paint mental pictures like Magellen
Half of my Clan's repeat felons
Niggas best protect they joint the nine-nickel
Man I stay on point like icicles
Now who wanna test Tical then touch Tical
All up in your muhHuhHuhhuh mouth."
~Method Man

"...Confidence for you shaky-ass folks."

Still Here

Still Here
I've been scarred and battered.
My hopes the wind done scattered.
Snow has friz me, sun has baked me.
     Looks like between 'em
     They done tried to make me
Stop laughing, stop loving, stop living-
     But I don't care!
     I'm still here!
~Langston Hughes