"My heart wants roots.  My mind wants wings.  I cannot bear Their bickerings."

Rise Activity

"Whoever prescribes & controls the diameter of your learning experience, controls the circumference of your activity.  In other words, if they teach you, then they know how far you gonna go."
~Dr. Khalid Muhammad

Yt Back Thorn, Old Fear

"This waking up.  This sharpened focus.  This 'wait a damn minute'.  What this girl POSITS to do in response to the reality of her environment ( It is at the core of what racism-white supremacy FEARS ABovE ALLL.  Any growth or widening of this instinct(?) is at the core of what the 'actually power-over' of this day and time FEAR.  That fear, manifests directly in all of the treatments of African descended people in all the times we have seen and see.  ...from the movement/restriction of our bodies (including minds) to the life-troubling circumscription of our dreams and hopes as a naked upright species walking on the surface of this planet in clothes."
~Teyoh Sierra


how did he keep this straight in his mind? i see afrika. old old afrika. wherewith: 'civilizational definitional level of B.a.l.a.n.c.e.'