Neteru 2000s Lynching. Seeen?

"Why do white men lynch black men in America?  We are not dealing here with the original historical cause; nor even with its present social application.  We are considering merely the efficient cause.  White men lynch black men or any other men because those men's lives are unprotected either by the authorities of the commonwealth or by the victims themselves.  White men lynch Negroes in America because Negroes' lives are cheap.  So long as they remain, so long will lynching remain an evil to be talked about, written about, petitioned against and slobbered over.  But not all the slobber, the talk or the petitions are worth the time it takes to indulge in them, so far as the saving of a single Negro life is concerned."
~Hubert Harrison, When Africa Awakes: The "Inside Story" of the Stirrings and Strivings of the New Negro in the Western World (1920) his conclusion as his next line asks, "What, then, is the cure?". 
Neteru, Awo. I ask(?) you too, why do white men imprison black men in America...Ditto.  
( many black & brown men does that chart disemploy AND white men employ or emprofit until the next lynching?)

HeLa = Selah. Awo.

The indispensable & immortal "Hela Gene" means Henrietta Lacks

Those who are dead are never gone,
they are in the breast of the woman,
they are in the child who is wailing,
and in the firebrand that flames.
The dead are not under the earth;
they are in the fire that is dying,
they are in the grasses that weep,
they are in the whimpering rocks,
they are in the forest, they are in the house,
the dead are not dead.
                                                ~Birago Diop