Louise Day Hicks Was A Very Latecomer

Noyes Academy was an experimental interracial school founded in 1835 in Canaan, NH. The school was demolished by white men of Canaan and neighboring towns using oxen teams to pull the building off its foundations.  Later they burned the remains. The black students left for their safety.

Professor Craig Stephen Wilder discusses the school...

Lupe's Ghosts, Tina's Words, Marlena's Change.

Alert.  Great San Ko Fa moment happening.  ...See this segment documentary video by Boston 
police officer Bill Willis  (it is part 5 of 6 clips) -a GREAT video:

A prophetic voice, Tina Chery, happens around minute 4:09. Sister works for the Louis Brown Institute for Peace- in honor of her slain son. Lupe (& others i have seen in the community, first hand) are fulfilling / creating learning moments for me, such that i have felt like...like 'we are achieving' in the spirit of Tina's words.  A big 'GIVE THANKS' to these brothers.  I give thanks to my Brothers for catching hell, catching cases, catching lead, catching this ERA (not seen since the peak of lynching 1 century ago) that our parents and grandparents didn't keep from us.  That we focus and real change to end it.

Go Slow

Go Slow, they say-
While the bite
Of the dog is fast.
Go slow, I hear-
While they tell me
You can't eat here!
You can't live here!
You can't work here!
Don't demonstrate!  Wait
While they lock the gate. . . .
~Langston Hughes, "Go Slow," c1960