“If you want to keep something secret from black folks, put it between the covers of a book.” 
— African Proverb (America)

Ships Cut Off on the African Coast

p. 136, If We Must Die, by Eric Robert Taylor

How much went unwritten?  How much resistance at the point of contact?  Before the kings and queens of Europe's ships left Africa, how many of us returned traumatic violence with superior wits, courage & physical power?  And how many of those successfully returned home?  They say we had few successful slave revolts (Ayti* and Palmares and other cuba/jamaica Maroons among the top).  But it is these revolts, they are the top (in effectiveness).  These Africans decided (one way or another) to forgo the passage into the Ma'afa altogether.  Trace the genealogy from there of black resistance.  It's modifications into:the pen of Prince Hall and the brothers in newly independent Massachusetts (stolenwealth of) through the speeches of Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey through to the ministry of Martin Luther King Jr.

*idren love ayti, kouzen mwen.  their opening the door & STOP of openpresision actually for a time reversed the poles on the earth at that time.  but they should have built ships and sailed to france and thrashed yt supremacy there at it's root, then on to england and so like...