if you can not hear them

“if you can not
ask the ancestors
speak louder.
they only whisper
as not to frighten you.
they know
they have been convinced
out of your skin.”

- connection, nayyirah waheed.


Winter Solstice: Idrenhood Care, Will & Good Excuses

   Thousands of years before birth of Abram in Ur, Afrikans told star stories.  In one version, the Afrikans’ King Wsr was murdered by his brother Swth (hater: red-desert, evil one, Septyphan, Set, Cain) and his body was scattered in pieces.  The Afrikans erected whole Tejen (obelisks) when their Queen Wst (or ‘beloved’ of wsr: ‘merit’ ausar or ‘maryam’, or ‘mary’) warned of the justice to come to those ‘unman-ners’ of her husband.  (...millennia later, Americans 'erected' brick-made obelisk in their capital & early graveyards…poor quality, poor will, no care & no context).  Now, this carefull Afrikan queen ‘ritualed’ her dead husband (penis) and immaculately conceived a son Hrw.  Sun.  Dead today.  Star story.  Erection.  Rising again: begins new cycle of life, growth & WILL.  Good (fertility, river soil nutrients cycle, positivity, 'good' aspects of creator) can come again, and correct/justice 'back' the Hate (the red ones, the desert, 'evil' creator).  Sinteer nicClaes & Tejen-stealing greco/roman/yesuhans had (have) no care and no justice.  That is why we, the children of those observant Afrikans, WILL stand in predawn market lines for Jordans Nike (victories).

Our Afrikan sons do not think better of themselves and their manhood.  And our Afrikan daughters do not think better of themselves and their womanhood.  With knowledge of self, today, is a good excuse to do so.

Happy Solstice, Idren (smile).

Laura Nelson's Wedding Ring

Is that a ring?  A wedding ring?  She was too fierce for them to take it, no?  Awo.

100 Years Ago - Federal Reserve Note...

1913 ...a group of bankers funded and staffed Woodrow Wilson's campaign for President to push the Federal Reserve Act through Congress. He had committed to sign this act. a Senator, Nelson Aldrich, maternal grandfather to the Rockefellers, pushed the Federal Reserve Act through Congress just before Christmas when much of Congress was on vacation.

Obama Terms: The Slave Holiday

“…on Christmas day, 1833. The days between Christmas and New Year’s day are allowed as holidays; and, accordingly, we were not required to perform any labor, more than to feed and take care of the stock. This time we regarded as our own, by the grace of our masters; and we therefore used or abused it nearly as we pleased.

Those of us who had families at a distance, were generally allowed to spend the whole six days in their society. This time, however, was spent in various ways. The staid, sober, thinking and industrious ones of our number would employ themselves in making corn-brooms, mats, horse-collars, and baskets; and another class of us would spend the time in hunting opossums, hares, and coons. But by far the larger part engaged in such sports and merriments as playing ball, wrestling, running foot-races, fiddling, dancing, and drinking whisky; and this latter mode of spending the time was by far the most agreeable to the feelings of our masters. A slave who would work during the holidays was considered by our masters as scarcely deserving them. He was regarded as one who rejected the favor of his master. It was deemed a disgrace not to get drunk at Christmas; and he was regarded as lazy indeed, who had not provided himself with the necessary means, during the year, to get whisky enough to last him through Christmas.
From what I know of the effect of these holidays upon the slave, I believe them to be among the most effective means in the hands of the slaveholder in keeping down the spirit of insurrection. Were the slaveholders at once to abandon this practice, I have not the slightest doubt it would lead to an immediate insurrection among the slaves. These holidays serve as conductors, or safety-valves, to carry off the rebellious spirit of enslaved humanity. But for these, the slave would be forced up to the wildest desperation; and woe betide the slaveholder, the day he ventures to remove or hinder the operation of those conductors! I warn him that, in such an event, a spirit will go forth in their midst, more to be dreaded than the most appalling earthquake.

The holidays are part and parcel of the gross fraud, wrong, and inhumanity of slavery. They are professedly a custom established by the benevolence of the slaveholders; but I undertake to say, it is the result of selfishness, and one of the grossest frauds committed upon the down-trodden slave. They do not give the slaves this time because they would not like to have their work during its continuance, but because they know it would be unsafe to deprive them of it. This will be seen by the fact, that the slaveholders like to have their slaves spend those days just in such a manner as to make them as glad of their ending as of their beginning. Their object seems to be, to disgust their slaves with freedom, by plunging them into the lowest depths of dissipation. For instance, the slaveholders not only like to see the slave drink of his own accord, but will adopt various plans to make him drunk. One plan is, to make bets on their slaves, as to who can drink the most whisky without getting drunk; and in this way they succeed in getting whole multitudes to drink to excess. Thus, when the slave asks for virtuous freedom, the cunning slaveholder, knowing his ignorance, cheats him with a dose of vicious dissipation, artfully labelled with the name of liberty. The most of us used to drink it down, and the result was just what might be supposed; many of us were led to think that there was little to choose between liberty and slavery. We felt, and very properly too, that we had almost as well be slaves to man as to rum. So, when the holidays ended, we staggered up from the filth of our wallowing, took a long breath, and marched to the field,–feeling, upon the whole, rather glad to go, from what our master had deceived us into a belief was freedom, back to the arms of slavery.

I have said that this mode of treatment is a part of the whole system of fraud and inhumanity of slavery. It is so. The mode here adopted to disgust the slave with freedom, by allowing him to see only the abuse of it, is carried out in other things. ”
~Frederick Douglas

7 Powerful Ways Black People Can Obliterate White Supremacy Right Now

by Dr. Boyce Watkins
I don’t know about you, but I AM SICK OF IT.  I am sick of living in a world where my people finish last.  I’m tired of seeing our kids being brainwashed into becoming drug-addicted, womanizing, lazy, wannabe thugs by a media industry that is determined to destroy us.  I’m sick of seeing black people filling the welfare lines and unemployment offices.  I’m tired of seeing black teenagers dying a physical and spiritual deαth before they ever have a chance to live.
I’m sick of people believing that white is right and black is inferior.  I’m tired of celebrities, athletes and powerful black people who believe that they have no obligation to help anyone other than themselves.  I’m “syka blak yuth hoo rite lyke dis” on Facebook because their educational systems have failed them and left them functionally illiterate.  I’m tired of seeing people having baby showers without even wondering, asking or reflecting on who the father was.   I’m tired of seeing so many members of the black middle class enduring workplace discrimination on a regular basis and not feeling that they have any way to remedy the disparity.  I’m tired of people telling us that racism is a figment of our imagination and that the only conclusion is that we are inherently inferior.  I’m tired of black teens being embarrassed and ridiculed for working hard or being highly educated.  I’m sick of seeing our kids dying in the streets over nonsense.
I’m just tired of it, tired of it all, and I believe that you are tired too.
The reason I put together the New Paradigm Movement is because I was determined to do everything in my power to leave something to our children before I get old and die.  We’ve taken the tour to three cities, including Chicago, New York and Washington DC, and are calling on all empowered and action-oriented voices in our community to share clear action steps that will allow us to rise above the sociological, economic swamp that drowns our babies before they are even born.
We know that white supremacy is real, and most of us have experienced racism up close.  The problem is that, when we speak on these issues, no one is listening.  Well, I could care less if anyone else is listening on this matter, because it’s about time we start listening to OURSELVES.  Here are 7 things that all of us can do right now to engage in a new paradigm of thought and action, thus stopping white supremacy in its tracks:
1)      Every black child should be homeschooled, even if they go to school someplace else:  We know that many of our schools are failing.  We also know that our kids are being left either uneducated or miseducated by a school system that doesn’t care about them.  This is where we step in.  After school, during weekends and holidays, that’s when you should be using the Internet to teach your child the basics of black history, how to start a business, how to be a good parent and how to survive and succeed.  We must all be a part of that child’s educational process.
 2)      Every black child should be taught the basics of entrepreneurship, even if they work for somebody else:  Children must learn to earn their own money the way you learn to grow your own food.  It’s not logical to depend upon the descendants of your historical oppressors in order to get the things you need.  It only leaves you in a position of weakness.
3)      We must be willing to pay the cost of our own freedom by supporting black-owned institutions:  It is critical that we support our own institutions, including HBCUs, community groups, and civil rights organizations.  If we don’t support our own organizations, then who will?
4)      We must rebuild the family unit and broken black relationships:  The black family has been destroyed over the last 40 years, largely by the War on Drugs and Mass Incarceration.  Now, our children must be re-educated on the fundamental skills necessary to build and sustain a strong family unit.  This starts with learning how to manage and negotiate relationships, and giving our children a fighting chance at having a functional two-parent upbringing.
5)      We must build better children:  Too many young men are never taught how to be men, husbands or fathers and are misled by mass media into disrespecting black women.  Too many young women never learn the value of respecting manhood or themselves.  This must be changed so that when those young children reach adulthood, they can emerge as healthy, whole individuals capable of raising productive, safe and balanced children themselves.  We must also confront the tragic mental health consequences resulting from the destruction of our families and mass incarceration.
 6)      We must be economically intelligent:  Your money is your power, so why are we always so determined to give it all away?  The key to liberation in a capitalist society is to understand and harness the power of money.  We must support black-owned businesses, embrace the concept of financial literacy, teach the value of ownership and become savers and investors rather than borrowers and consumers.  As a Finance professor, I can tell you that the key reason for chronic black unemployment is the absence of black-owned businesses.  The next front in the fight for equality is going to be on the economic landscape.
  7) Black leadership must be de-centralized:  No longer should we define and confine black leadership to be represented by two or three figureheads that are burdened to lift 40 million people.  Our community is filled with brilliant individuals from all walks of life, many of whom are quite capable of sharing viewpoints and ideas that can inspire and uplift those around them.  Our belief is that we can ALL play a role in elevating our communities, since we are all positioned to be leaders within our own space.  A mother and father can lead their own children.  A teen can lead the people around him.  A teacher leads her class.  A strong man can lead our boys toward manhood. The fact of the matter is that black leadership starts in your living room and when it comes to solving the problems of our community,  we need all hands on deck.
I’m tired of being tired, and I’m sick of being sick.  It’s time for a New Paradigm in Black America, and I hope that you agree.


"Couldn’t have said it any better." http://feedly.com/k/1c1fr3d

Coon jigger

"Racist Mechanical Toys" http://feedly.com/k/1c1ekjR

Egyptian Language:The Mountains of the Moon, Niger-Congo Speakers and the Origin of Egypt

"Egyptian Language:The Mountains of the Moon, Niger-Congo Speakers and the Origin of Egypt" http://feedly.com/k/1c1dHqK

...believes he was making up signs as he went along... LMBO

This is so funny to me.  I can't stop laughing.  If this brother (who looks like the mechanic in Jill Scott's The #1 Ladies Detective Agency) did this as a f.u. to the global elites - a kind of, yall full of **it, talkin' but sayin' nuthin - then god bless him.  If not, doesn't matter, I can not stop laughing.  -maybe he is someone's cousin who got him the job, and he just hustled it...good for him  (big smile).

Fast Runner Triology FREE

Fast Runner Triology FREE


Journals of Knud Rasmussen

The Fast Runner Trilogy Video on Demand (VOD)

Three unique Inuit films expressing the dramatic history of one of the world’s oldest oral cultures from it’s own point of view.
“A masterpiece... The first national cinema of the 21st century.” – A.O. Scott, NY Times review of Atanarjuat The Fast Runner, 2002.

Service of My Vision

“When I dare to be powerful—to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”
~Audre Lorde

How should tears come?

“How should tears come?  What would I be regretting then? In the decline of my life I have found it hard to take out anything that has found its way into my spirit and to say of it that it has brought with it peace and the good stillness which understanding brings.”

~Ayi Kwei Armah, Fragments

Free Men?

“The people would grumble and complain to the English Commissioner who was indulgent and showed mercy.  And in this way they sowed hatred in the hearts of the people for us, their kinsmen, and love for the colonizers, the intruders.  Mark these words of mine, my son.  Has not the country become independent? Have we not become free men in our own country?  Be sure, though, that they will direct our affairs from afar.  This is because they have left behind them people who think as they do.”
~Tayeb Salih, Season of Migration to the North

System of Education Prepared Us For

“If we have lost touch with what our forefathers discovered and knew, this has been due to the system of education to which we were introduced.  This system of education prepared us for a subservient role to Europe and things European.  The educational system which we devise today must equip us with the resources of a personality and force strong enough to meet the extensiveness of the African presence and situation.”
~Kwame Nkrumah

m130 Culture

“Our culture is our immune system.”
                                                                          ~Marimba Ani

Capitol Junk

“You will not find in history an Afrikan people practicing Afrikan religion waging war or jihad based on their spiritual beliefs against others, it doesn’t exist.  That should tell you something.”
~Wole Wanyika 

Before Alexander of Macedon

“Nothing in Africa had any European influence before 332 B.C.  If you have 10,000 years behind you before you even saw a European, then who gave you the idea that he moved from the ice-age, came all the way into Africa and built a great civilization and disappeared, when he had not built a shoe for himself or a house with a window?”
~Dr. John Henrik Clarke

Chief Seattle's Daughter

Primate Educator

“Do not show wisdom, where there is wisdom.”
~Kenyan Proverb

The animal on the left is not only teaching...he is teaching the most important thing: survival.  He is clearly hungry.  So his instruction is a benefit to the student and the teacher.  Black folks can not teach their children this way (here).  It is forbidden by beast-heart.  



Africa’s Oldest Known Boat 8000 years

"nok-ind: Africa’s Oldest Known Boat 8000 years ago, in the..." http://feedly.com/k/1cQnegP