Nigger Profanization Characterized.

Look close.  Theme: Reproduction on this 'Earth'.  Seen?  Nigger Profanziation (the era of time in which we currently li.fe) as the descendant of Nigger Colonization/Profanization, as the grand descendant of Nigger Slavery (comprising the Epoch of "Ma'afa"), as the great great descendant of a deeper, older idea:

(Wikipedia:) Margaret Garner (called Peggy) was an enslaved African-American woman in pre-Civil War America who was notorious – or celebrated – for killing her own daughter rather than allowing the child to be returned to slavery. She and her family had escaped in January 1856 across the frozen Ohio River to Cincinnati, but they were apprehended by U. S. Marshals acting under the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. Margaret Garner's defense attorney moved to have her tried for murder in Ohio, to be able to get a trial in a free stateand to challenge the Fugitive Slave Law as well.  Her story was the inspiration for the novel Beloved (1987) by Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison, which was adapted into a film of the same name starring Oprah Winfrey, as well as for her libretto for the early 21st century opera Margaret Garner (2005), composed by Richard Danielpour.

(2nd)                                        (3rd)                                         (4th) 


Remembrance has not escaped us. Trapped now in our smallest self, we, repositories of the remembrance of the way violated…that is our vocation to find…our healing self, we the black people…The remembrance is of a harsh time, horrid, filled with pains…It was left to the women to begin the work of the healing…”
—Ayi Kwei Armah, Two Thousand Seasons

What they T.each we.

"I really think rape and forced pregnancy should be part of all those economic models of the "Triangular Trade."  Also when speaking about antebellum US Southern economy, "rape" should be there next to cotton and tobacco.

I'm sick of folks actin brand new to how present-day Black Americans came to be."

Trace back. Unless. She IS.

Art and Youth

   Awo. So much going on in this video. check baby's choreographical(?) pauses. See whole body free up. ...whole body use. There are levels to this **** (expression the 'bones knows'). Her moves influence their moves. information is made and shared. She catches this. The adults are teaching her how to 'teacher them' with her beauty with her creative (creator in her). AWO. This space is kin to spaces ProjectHipHop creates for Boston's young adult artists in their move for social justice. Please SUPPORT Them. & all spaces akin. There are (these) things we have not accessed in ourselves, necessary to fight the enemy on all fronts  Go on Zaya.  Rumble.

She Blaak. Mrs. Davis deep in the κύκλος klan.

She Blaak.  Mrs. Davis deep in the κύκλος klan

RIPP Brave Defiant Laura Nelson

Founding Mother. (cawban peuwaar).

4D Fox newsers.

but it do.

STIR. 100,000 years ago. Whiteness was. Blackness was. (different or same hierarchical form)

100,000 years ago.  Whiteness was.  Blackness was.  (different or same hierarchical form).

Good Exercise. Training dormant muscles at the least.

Courage. Incomplete Liberation. BOTH.


Cannibal's Strickland Meal

U.S. symbols

Stop killing us.

4 self important negros, ...g'wan Sway.

who sat in Rosa's seat after she was removed?

who made the 1st nigger noose?
what mind constructed?
who sat in Rosa's seat after she was removed?

We did this in upper Hapi R. temples. Iyah 1000% believe.

We did this in upper Hapi R. temples.  Iyah 1000% believe.
Probably about the same pressures of LTS (long term settlement) living.  AWO.

Parameters - Interview Vaughn Benjamin

"I'm not real, I'm just like you."

I am now using the term "Nigger Slavery" from now on..(again).

"Viscious Blacks were PLANNING..."

Fannie & Ella


m130 know internal.

Ab-Original man.
him know babylon
in scripture
written pon him 


Tired Civilization. Think Bruddah.

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Tired Civilization. Think Bruddah.

i get by with a little help..

Black Woman Sufferment @alleneli hey La :) -only bit'a pleasing in a lonng wk. How o'? How k'la local coverage? Disinterest? Afropessimism?

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#cyber cypher 4:30pm: "What does DEEP LEADERSHIP mean for us? #deepleadershiprbg

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#simpleTotal boycott 4mb.jr

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